Camaleon High speed machines


The MA Series polishing and grinding machines are high speed machines with lifting system and weight control, to always work with the correct pressure on the plate.

The chassis design offers high manoeuvrability and minimal vibration. This makes the MA Series very easy to use.


  • Camaleon, High Speed Machine MA-430 + E Single phase


    High speed machine, machine with variable speed drive and head weight selection. It allows a very efficient crystallising at high speed as well as fine grinding with diamond pads and high performance abrasives.
    Every day floors demand higher performance, ergonomics and safety at work and with Camaleón we achieve this.
    The MA-430 is particularly suitable for surfaces where the power supply is single-phase. These machines are widely used by flooring application companies, polishing companies and cleaning companies.

  • Camaleon, High Speed Machine MA-500 + E Three phase


    It is a very adaptable machine that allows to choose many working parameters; to change the weight on the worktop, the rotation speed of the plate, the height of the wheels, the tools with which it works, also to couple a hoover to it to work dry and as well wet.
    It is connected to a three-phase power supply and equipped with a 500 mm plate.
    Because of its adaptability, it can be equipped with a variety of tools for different tasks. Diamond scrubbing discs for floor polishing, floor grinding and floor crystallising. Diamond and traditional abrasives, for floor grinding and polishing. Diamond brushes, for antiqued, honed or satin-finished floors. With bushholes, for bush-hammer.