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A story based on experience and invention

Viudez Puerta was one of the leading performers in the history of polishing and grinding floors. It all began when Francisco Viudez Valderrama, in the mid-1960s, manually polished marble, terrazzo and hydraulic mosaic floors, decided to find a more efficient working system and developed the first polishing machines and associated accessories.

The new system was so well received by professionals that the company combined polishing and equipment sales for a few years until 1984, when it concentrated exclusively on the development, manufacture and sale of machines, to which he brought his many years of experience as a polisher.

The distribution of the products throughout the country enabled the spread of Viudez work systems.

In 1990, the company added its current name Viudez Puerta, S.L. to its catalogue of machines and cleaning products. Shortly after, they installed themselves in a 3000 m2 facility where floor polishing machines, cleaning machines and accessories are designed, manufactured and distribute.

In the beginning of the 2000, the BLOCK abrasive fixing system, resin diamond abrasive and the RA series of traditional polishing machine were integrated for making the traditional machines more user-friendly.

In the year 2005, the S-525 satellite polisher was launched, which was entirely designed and manufactured by Viudez Puerta and included two patents when it was launched.

Maintaining the commitment to constant innovation, new improvements were added to the range of diamond abrasives in the following years with the double-ring formulation for coarse grits and the system for treating soils with silicates was completed with the introduction of the V6 and V8 to the V5 product range.

Another milestone in Viudez Puerta’s success story is the high-speed MA “Camaleónseries machine presented at the Hygienalia + Pulire trade fair in 2015, which offers bigger and better surfaces for polishing, grinding and crystallising floors.

In the last few years, Viudez Puerta has held more theoretical and practical courses in its facilities to teach and explain customers in the latest developments of machinery, products and fluids.


With the view to the future, Viudez Puerta listens daily to the needs of his customers to develop new shapes and to provid always the best solutions.

Temporal line

Our story


Company foundation. Floor polishing and sale of equipment.


Exclusive commitment to the development, manufacture and sales of the machines.


Takeover the current company name Viudez Puerta S.L. and the integration into the catalogue of machines and cleaning products.


Inauguration of the new 3,000 m2 facility in Les Franqueses del Vallés.


Introduction of the BLOCK segments fixing system, for better supports the polishing system.


Introduction of the RA series for traditional polishing, adaptation of the traditional machines in all aspects and improvement of handling through millimetre-precise height adjustment of the wheels.


Introducing resin diamond abrasives in a completely unique design.


Commercialisation of the S-525 satellite polishing machine, which is entirely developed and manufactured by Viudez Puerta with two patents.


Improving the diamond abrasive range with the new 2-ring diamond formula for coarse grit and higher abrasion resistance.


Introduction of the product series V6 and V8 to complete the product series with V5, for the treatment of silicate soil.

Presentation of the MA-500 at the Hygienalia-Pulire trade fair.


Registration of the Camaleón brand to identify the MA series in the market.

In order to keep customers up to date with the progress made in recent years, we organise theoretical and practical training courses on the latest developments in machinery and fluid products and how to the use them optimally.


Always one step ahead

The efficiency of Viudez Puerta devices is based on three factors in development and manufacture.



Before the production of the machines, we were foremen and therefore we know the language the ground speaks. For more than 60 years we have lived very close to this profession.



For us, the letters R and D (research and development) are much more than an acronym: They summarise our understanding of manufacturing, with innovation always at the fist place.



We listen carefully to the opinions of our customers so that we know their needs in order to offer them the solutions they require.


Quality. Design. Lifetime.

The values of the Viudez Puerta brand have remained the same over time. Today, as 60 years ago, these are our values wich guide us:


We develop new products to make them more efficient and to improve results.


We seek to top perfomance  in everything we do, in the manufacture of maschins, in the development of systems and in the customer service. (destacado 3)


Committed to durability, sustainability and ecology. We want to give the machines that leave our factory a maximum service life.


We trust in the team of Viudez Puerta, in the experience of our employees and our distributors, as well as in our long-standing trusted customer.