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Ongoing trainings

Training is part of the DNA of Viudez Puerta, which is always concerned to inform and train his customers the new working methods and how to optimize the use of polishing and grinding machines.

We are aware that a good result depends on the professionalism of the expert and the use of the appropriate technology, but also on the knowledge of how to apply this technology.

For this reason, Viudez Puerta offers regularly theorical and practical trainings at the headquarters in Las Franqueses del Valles which are adapted to meet specific needs and interests of customers. We guide our customers in their work and show them the various options we can offer.

We work with the best professionals in the polishing industry and help them to improve performance and quality and the latest developments in polishing and grinding floors.


Participants in this training receive a theoretical introduction and then test what they have learned in a test field with the Satellite, Chameleon and high-speed rotary polishing machines. Viudez Puerta training courses are general, flexible and understandable, but can also be adapted to the specific interests or needs of the participating if requrest.

Viudez Puerta works with the best professionals in the polishing industry to further improve performance and quality.

Our goal is to help our customers improve performance and quality in their business by showing them all the possibilities.

We invite you to take part of our technical presentations.

Viudez Puerta’s training courses have been adapted to current conditions to ensure the safety of all participants.